At Aastha Autotech we produce Plastic Moulding, Rubber Moulding, Steel Machined components for manufacturers of major automotive parts using latest state of art technique and years of experience.

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Formed in 2002, with the blessing of Late Shri Ram Prakash Goel and the continous guidance of Shri Kamal Kishore Goel under the name of Aastha Enterprises, now grown to big organization namely M/S Aastha Autotech Pvt. Ltd., has been supplying high quality components to the autotmotive industry.

For all these years Aastha has lived up to its principle of exemplary leadership, outstanding commitment and impeccable services.

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What We Do?

At Aastha Autotech we produce Plastic Injection Molded, Rubber Molded, Steel Machined and Sheet Metal components for manufacturers of major automotive part having capacity to mould components ranging from 5 gms to 1 kg.

Aastha autotech has molding experience in a wide variety of thermoplastics.

Aastha Autotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier for Autopart components. We are committed to give best in industry Quality and Services.

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Our Clients

Aastha Autotech is approved by the following OEMs and their Tier I and Tier II suppliers.